Making PR as simple and transparent as possible.

We only service music we like which means DJ's and bloggers can rely on what we send.


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We help with your bio and create the perfect press release to best sell you and your art. We then send it to all DJ's, producers and Head of Music at all regional and national stations. 

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Blogs ONLY


Reviews and features are essential for young bands and artists. We will send your music to writers across all blogs such as Hotpress, Nialler9 and GoldenPlec. 

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BLOGS & Radio


Cover everything with this.  

Full list of media we send it to HERE

We need..

  1. Bio. Just give us what you got we'll make it better.
  2. Photo. This has to be decent. Not necessarily professional but decent.
  3. Music. We'll need mp3's and wav's. Some streamable links too.  

We give...

  1. We take what you give us and make a beautiful simple email that the Media Gods will read. 
  2. We send it to everyone that matters in the country. 
  3. We pass on all feedback to you and after a week we send out a friendly reminder email to anyone who hasn't replied. 



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